Kantor King Solomon High School

Kantor King Solomon High School (KKS) was founded in 1993 with a good deal of help from Mr Jerry z”l and Mrs Ann Goldstein, together with their sons Michael, Jonathan and Daniel. In 2013, Wohl Ilford Jewish Primary School moved to the KKS campus.

The Jewish ethos of the school is embedded throughout and provides a strong moral code and vision that all members of the school embrace.

KKS is an acknowledged leader in multi faith education and has been described as the benchmark for faith schools. It is recognised that students are prepared well for life in modern Britain.

Our aim is to work with parents and students to support their development as caring, respectful, knowledgeable and successful young people. We are a school that understands the students, is a beacon of tolerance and inclusion and gives each and every member of our community the opportunity for success.

We are immensely grateful to the Goldstein family that proceeds of this concert will help cement the future of the school for the community. We look forward to continuing our strong and valuable relationship.